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Dolphin Shower Electronic Riviera

Dolphin Showers - the company & its products

" Dolphin Showers UK " invented showering back in the 1950's .We are market leaders in all that is new in showering . So what better place to come for advise and FULL INSTALLATION of a new shower or upgrade of the old Dolphin Showers you have . High-quality service and customer satisfactionif you need a shower repair in the UK. Here you can find spare parts and book your local repair engineers to service and maintain your old dolphin showers product . The Dolphin Legacy shower , the Dolphin Riviera shower repairs 1000 , 860 , 720 , the dolphin 1000 , dolphin 860 , dolphin 720 , some spare repair parts remain in stock . The Dolphin Aquastream and the Dolphin Selectronic shower are still supported with a spare parts base . We can carry out shower installations anywhere in the UK

Dolphin Showers are electric showering appliance specialists selling 8.5 kilowatt shower up yo 10.5 kilowatt showers along with all the new and safe wiring upgrades to ensure you have a safe and legally compliant system. Dolphin Showers are the only UK household name showering company that will supply fit and guarantee your showering system package all from our " Dolphin Showers" company . The head office of Dolphin Showers is outer London UK .

So if you are either looking for a new shower product from dolphin showers or simply would like your OLD DOLPHIN SHOWER REPAIRED please call us here at the dolphin electric shower company .We are happy to carry out any shower repairs in the U.K. to any make of shower , or any shower installation , UK wide .

Please look at our gallery to check to see if your old dolphin shower is shown , if not please call to discuss options and spare dolphin shower parts available

We still have a strong U.K. team of service engineers currently covering all of the UK mainland only .Here at the Dolphin electric shower company we carry out dolphin riviera shower repairs on site or at our UK head office , shower installation, UK & shower repairs , U.K. Please call us for help if you have problems with the old dolphin legacy shower

Our new showers are so good they come with a written 5 year free parts warranty 

Call 0800 955 3979 to discuss your repair options



This is the latest Shower that "Dolphin Showers " install .

ref dolphin Akwa85


Dolphin shower -computer controlled


Bespoke Dolphin design

10 kilowatt Sterling package


This is the DOlphin 860 Shower from 1982-2001


We can call out and repair your OLD Dolphin Shower if it is getting to hot or too cold to use

Dolphin Riviera MkII


This is the original " Dolphin Shower " from the 1970's . We still come across many of these units still out in the field working and have managed to repair a few recently .

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